Who doesn’t dream of having more money at the end of the month? With more cash, you can pay off your debts sooner, increase your savings, or improve your lifestyle.

Whatever your personal financial goal, if you want to work towards it, you need to do more than just temporarily increasing your income – you need to make your extra income stream sustainable.

Here are 4 ways to achieve precisely that:

#1 Take paid online surveys

Taking online surveys and testing products can be great ways to earn extra cash every month, as companies constantly need people to try out their offering and provide honest feedback.

If you go about it in a professional and organized way, sharing your opinions can be surprisingly profitable! Market research companies are always recruiting new product testers and focus group members, so start looking out for online survey sites, and sign up to as many panels as possible.

#2 Work as a freelancer

In addition to your regular job, you can start offering your services to companies in related fields. If you have a passion, specialized knowledge or a unique skill, you can definitely put yourself in a position to earn more money every month.

Working as a freelancer doesn’t always provide a steady income, but rates are often generous, you can control your own workload and as long as you avoid working for your own company’s competitors, your talent for translating, writing, teaching, programming, or web designing could soon provide you with a handy bonus at the end of the month.

#3 Trade the financial markets

Trading stocks, commodities and currencies is another way to increase your monthly income. The key is to strengthen your financial knowledge, determine your trader profile and select the right broker for your trading needs.

Almahfaza, for instance, is a regulated CFD and Forex broker that has a sound reputation in the industry. As an STP (Straight-Through-Processing) broker, Almahfaza only acts as an intermediary between its traders and liquidity providers, which avoids any conflict of interest.

Almahfaza also offers a great selection of financial assets, with more than 300 available to trade. This is a great site for investing in a wide range of assets in order to diversify your portfolio. Almahfaza’s selection trading platforms also includes the most popular and advanced options like MetaTrader.

#4 Rent out your place on Airbnb

Traveling can be an enriching experience but it often doesn’t come cheap. Accommodation is one of the biggest expenses involved in any trip and not everyone can afford to stay in a hotel.

That’s why Airbnb has become so popular. It offers a win-win, as homeowners get extra cash in their pockets while offering a more affordable option for budget travelers.

So, whenever you’re out of town or if you have a spare bedroom, just list your place on Airbnb to increase your monthly income.

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