If you are looking for a side hustle or a work from home option that you can do along with other projects, then ad flipping might be an option you should consider. With ad flipping, you buy a banner ad (or multiple ads), and you can earn from that ad every time someone clicks on it (and that’s not the only way to generate profit, but we’ll get to that in a moment). The banner ads you purchase are of well-known brands, and they are displayed across multiple third-party websites, which increases their chances of being clicked on. In this review, we’ll discuss one of those ad flipping platforms – BannerBit.

When you sign up with BannerBit.com, you can not only buy banner ads but also sell them to other BannerBit members at a higher price (compared to the purchase price, i.e., that way you can profit from the price difference). In this way, the platform gives you two ways to earn extra income. Ad flipping is a way to make money online without needing to have any formal training or previous experience in online marketing or advertising. As you’re about to learn, the BannerBit’s marketplace and platform is quite straightforward and easy-to-use.   

What exactly is BannerBit? 

BannerBit is an online advertising platform and marketplace, where members can bid on, buy, and sell banner ads. The platform has a vast number of banners to choose from and features high-performing brands under various categories such as fashion, electronics, beauty, automotive, kids, and so on. Some of the brands that have banner ads available on the platform include Sony, Nike, Dell, Nickelodeon, Samsung, Nissan, Garnier, and Lacoste, to name just a few.  Once you have created your membership for the BannerBit platform and marketplace, you will find the interface quite easy to use and user-friendly.

How does BannerBit.com work? 

There are a few steps that need to be followed before you can use BannerBit for buying and selling banner advertisements. Here they are:

The very first step, of course, is to sign-up as a member of the platform. The registration process is very straightforward and requires you to fill in a few details into the form. Your email address can be used as your username, and you need to choose a password. Once you have registered with BannerBit.com, it’s time to sign in.

You can now start browsing the available packages. Those start at a minimum of $250 and can go up to $500,000, depending on the types of banner ads, the amount of them, and the times that they are displayed. There is a total of five different packages for members to choose from.

Once you have selected and bought your preferred package, you can then bid for the banner ad campaign (or multiple campaigns) that you like in the marketplace section. What you choose is entirely up to you. To place a bid, simply click on the banner ad you want and place a higher bid than the value displayed.

Once you own a banner ad, you can follow its performance on the dashboard of your account. On the dashboard, you can see all the ads you have bought, and you’ll also be shown how many clicks they have received and the income that you have earned. As previously mentioned, you can also sell your banner ads to other members in an auction-style by letting them bid for banner ads that you own.

Overall, the BannerBit platform is easy to understand and work with. A little bit of research and experience will help you get the hang of how things work so that in time you will see your income building up.

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