Business Intelligence was thriving long before on the web, and now with the advent of cloud computing, AI, Big Data, IoT, and allied technologies have paved the way to play BI a central and focused role to improve the business performance by taking right decisions and grow rapidly among the stiffly competitive market.

The prime role of BI is to convert raw business data into palatable information that can give right insights and enable business executives to draw right decisions.

BI Process

It consists of 

  • Data source
  • Data warehouse
  • Data mining
  • Data analysis
  • Finally, decision making

Thus, BI offers past, present, and predictive views of internal and external business data to improve business decisions intelligently.

Benefits of BI

A number of advantages BI mobile app development avail to your business if you go for tailor-made solutions. For instance,

  • BI provides insights into customer behavior
  • Insights into Operational Efficiencies
  • Insights into Business Competition
  • Insights into Revenue Driving Strategies
  • Insights into Business Problems

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