Each one of us has the ability of shaping our own destiny and money has a big contribution in the modern society. We need to be aware of our own action, because they can develop into habit and eventually our character. We should decide how we should think and our thought could determine who we are. Out thought also determines how we act and speak, as well as our ability to achieve things. Thoughts are powerful and they can determine our future. In fact, our current financial situation is a direct result of our past thoughts and actions. Actions are executed consciously and eventually, they will be executed unconsciously and it means that these actions have become our habit. If we have a mental and verbal condition that support our habit, then we have a specific attitude. Knowing that actions and thoughts can have profound effects on our future, we need to consider our present actions and think whether there will be negative repercussions of small things that we do.

By understanding the above concept, we should be able to predict our financial future. If we want a successful and happy life, we should know whether our action, habit and attitude will allow us to achieve that. If we lack the success-friendly components in our lives, we shouldn’t expect that we will be successful. Many people are destroying themselves from within with small actions that they repeat all the time. Small thoughts could also develop into attitude and we should check whether we have the right kind of assumptions and notions about money. It is obvious that people who are wealthy don’t have bad thoughts about money. Thinking positively about money may not make us wealthy tomorrow or next week, but we already have a basic requirement of being wealthy. If we don’t want to do this, there’s no reason why we should be wealthy in the first place. Among bad thoughts about money is that it will cause so much problem when we have that.

We often watch movies and read books about how bad it is for people to have a lot of money. Sci-fi films portray big corporate led by evil people who cause hardships among the commoners. This media portrayal may not directly affect our thought, but constant exposure could affect our view about having a lot of money. The problem isn’t about money, but with we should use money. In fact, the more money we have, the more likely it is we could bring good things to people. We have seen billionaire philanthropists who donated billions of dollars for good purposes. More money can cause more solutions and we should become part of the solutions. It’s acceptable to have a lot more money than we need, if we could use it to help people around us. Money can create less problem and we can do it with the money that we have. Donating money will develop good relationship with money and we will be richer as a result.

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