They say “change is for the better”. CRM’s have done exactly the same and changed the way any business process works. CRM’s made the sales process smooth to some extent and reduced manual efforts which were very time-consuming in previous traditional channels. They changed how businesses communicate with customers and prospects.

Real estate is one amongst the most competitive industries, experiences very high cut-throat competition. In such situations selling more properties and gaining new business every month can be very challenging. But gaining new business every month is not impossible. By using a real estate CRM software you can actually win more business and sell more properties.

Let’s take a look on what kind of a CRM can actually help you get more business:-

1] CRM that needs no manual intervention in fetching data-

Being into real estate, you may have multiple channels to generate leads which can possibly be a combination of offline and online channels. The problem occurs when you have to enter this data into the CRM and in case if there is no CRM, maintaining this data using excel is extremely difficult. Today, CRM’s have become powerful and can integrate with all your marketing channels like the website, social media and can also help you with gathering data from offline channels with the help of importing data.

2] CRM that can manage end-to-end communication with clients-

Sales team often spends more time updating conversations that happen with prospects and customers. This becomes highly time consuming and repetitive. Instead of doing this repetitive task you can let CRM do this automatically and sync all the communication.

CRM can easily let you sync your email and you can sync all the communication that takes with customers and prospects. You can also keep a track of all emails plus send bulk emails using a custom template and manage all your bulk communication at one place.

3] CRM that is completely customizable and also allows integration-

Being in real estate, your business process will be completely different as compared to other processes. For example, you might need custom tables and fields to track all your ongoing projects and completed projects. Plus a separate track of which client is interested in which projects and so on.

CRM’s do come with customization to some extent however this customization has to be done with the help of developers and that can be time-consuming and expensive. There are also CRM’s that come with DIY customization. This allows you to customize your account the way your process is without depending on developers to do it for you.

4] CRM that can manage deals-

Having a transparent deal absolutely essential as it gives a clear vision of which deals can be closed the fastest. Such CRM can help you close maximum deals in minimum time.

5] CRM that gives powerful insights-

Spreadsheets and other free tools can never give you deeper insights that actually will help you take your business to next level. For you to grow, you need a CRM that will tell you exactly where to improve by giving insights about all aspects of your business. Be it right from team performance to who was your highest paying client in a particular quarter, you can get deepest insights using a smart CRM.

All that we read above were the pros of having a CRM and using these features of a CRM, you can free up your sales team from all repetitive activities and let them focus more on spending time with existing customers and prospects instead of spending time updating the CRM and reporting.

Once you start focusing more on your open deals and work towards closing them faster, winning new business every month will not seem impossible.


Abhishek Agrawal is the Founder & CEO at CompanyHub CRM. A technology lover and a writer who loves to give simple solutions on making sales teams lives easier. You can get in touch with him on Linkedin

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