It is vital that the sons learn certain important values in life that help them throughout their life. It is not always easy to instruct sons or advise them if they are not keen to take the advice. That is why games prove to be a great outlet to add right values in the growing son. Here we have listed out some things you can inculcate in the child while playing rummy card game and how exactly to go about it:


If you plan to play rummy with your lad at a certain time, make sure you arrive at the appointed time. Being on time for any event is a matter of principle’s and this can only be taught through the right example. Explain the rules of the game and then start by distributing the cards. Do everything in a proper disciplined fashion so that the lad also grasps why it is necessary.


After each game, all the players should get together to gather the cards and arrange them in a deck or pack them if the game is over. Being organised is not just important in the game of rummy but also after the game. Once you make this a habit, the son will grow up to understand the significance of being organised. This will help him to handle work responsibilities too in a better fashion.

Being on the Right Side of Law

Sons are always eager to win and this can prompt them to cheat in the classic rummy game. Do not take cheating lightly. Be it in a game of cards or in real life, you must always teach your son to be on the right side of law. If you ignore their cheating or take it lightly, the son may assume it is ok to cheat as long as they are not caught. Do not allow such a thought process to build up. Reprimand to ensure they understand the seriousness of morality.

Valuing Time

This is one important thing you can teach your son through a rummy card game. While playing the game, make sure no one is given extra time to play his turn. Sons should learn to respect time so that they end up being punctual adults who know the value of time.

Accepting Defeat

Most parents manage to train their son to be competitive. However, they often fail to teach the son how to accept defeat positively. When son learn to accept victory as well as defeat in a positive life, they grow up to abide by the rules even while losing. If these values are not inculcated in son right from childhood, they may tend to be wrong or to cheat when they fail in life. In a game of rummy too, you need to make clear that it is ok to lose and there is nothing to be hurt or embarrassed.

Planning for Future

Son should understand the importance of planning for the future or having a foresight. Rummy is a game that is known to develop foresight in people. As sons play many rounds of rummy, they understand what cards the opponent may hold when he discards certain cards. This will help him plan his moves accordingly. This could be yet another reason to play rummy with sons.

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