When buying furniture for your office it is easy to buy regular desks, swivel chairs, filing cabinets, and the like. However, have you considered how dated they are? Living in the digital age you need furniture that is forward thinking. There should be no need to compromise style for practicality. There are three ways you can do this:

Expand your storage solutions

Storage comes in many forms, for personal offices or cubicles we have options for desk organisation. When your desk is messy it affects you and your work style. Get desk organisers that best suit your working habits. One might prioritise having a pencil cup while another prefers a case.

For larger office spaces or meeting rooms consider an AV media cabinet. Besides providing a space for speakers, projectors, and screens instead of a musty closet, it keeps everything ready and on hand. Interns or office workers who aren’t accustomed to using audiovisual aids don’t need to worry themselves about needing or finding someone to set up everything. If the people who do know are busy and in cases of emergency, this guarantees that everything is good to go.

Pick furniture made to maximise your efficiency.

This might sound simple and straightforward, but when you think about it, a person’s efficiency is not constant. So how do you set up a default space when everyone needs or requires different things? First is to investigate possible health concerns. Chairs must be good for people’s backs but not too comfortable that it prevents them from working. The tables should be wide or at least give an illusion of wideness to keep it from looking crowded when the papers start to pile up.

Colour coordinate when you can

It might seem frivolous to look for colour in an office space. It is hard to separate the image of white walls with grey furniture in our minds. Adding colour where you can, in the cushions, the tables, and the walls may affect the mood and mindset of a worker. Light and bright colours might help create a cheerful atmosphere or green and blues create a more soothing one. With jobs that are prone to high stress, there needs to be a moment of interlude. Maybe a green wall makes a difference after staring at a screen all day.

When we think of moving forward, we automatically assume that it has to be high-tech. However, the greatest shift between now and 50 years ago is that we are more aware of the issues found in the office space and are open to the uniqueness of other people. Making changes in the working environment to match the shift in values is necessary. At the end of the day, the improved outcome will speak for itself.