Some parts of life we just can’t avoid. Enter: everyday expenses. As adults, we’re responsible for paying for all sorts of everyday costs. From gas to groceries to clothing and more, there are certain expenses we simply can’t eliminate from our budget.

While you may not be able to avoid paying for gas or buying groceries each week, what if you could have help paying for these things? Online there are all sorts of ways that you can make extra money.

What’s great is that earning money in the online world is pretty simple. You don’t have to pick up another job! Instead, you can do quick and easy things such as taking surveys, selling items, or testing websites.

Keep reading to learn about 4 legit ways that you can make money for everyday expenses.

1. Test Websites

Making the internet a better place is extremely rewarding. As a website tester, you can earn money by providing your feedback on websites before they hit the public spotlight. By dedicating just 20 minutes of your time, you can make at least $10. That means that in an hour, you could possibly make up to $30!

As a website tester, your job will be to look at a site’s functionality, design, and overall look and feel to determine areas of improvement. For example, maybe the website doesn’t load well on a mobile device or maybe the colors used contrast too much.

You can find paid website testing gigs on sites like UserTesting and TryMyUI.

2. Use Swagbucks

We all use the internet for the same types of things. We make purchases, watch videos, and use search engines. But, what if you could be rewarded for all of these everyday actions? By using Swagbucks, you can earn SBs for a variety of tasks.

By signing up for Swagbucks, you can earn SBs by doing things you likely already do online. As you earn more SBs, you can cash them out for cash, gift cards, and other rewards. The site offers a search engine that is run by Yahoo!. Using the search engine you can earn SBs. You can also use Swagbucks to earn rewards by watching short videos or providing feedback through polls and surveys.

But that’s not all! The site also allows users to earn SBs by:

  • Downloading apps
  • Entering sweepstakes
  • Shopping online
  • Completing daily goals

While you won’t earn thousands of SBs a day, if you dedicate enough time through the month, you could easily earn enough SBs to cash out for $50 to $100.

Are you still unsure if Swagbucks is the best money-making website for you? Be sure to read reviews on Swagbucks so that you can see what other users are earning and their opinions of the site.

3. Sell Things

Let’s be honest; we all have things that we’ve hold onto for no particular reason. Maybe you have clothes for years ago that are just sitting in your closet, or maybe you’ve held onto old electronics that you know you won’t use again.

Instead of keeping these items, why not sell them to make quick cash? Using online sites like Craigslist and eBay, you can sell your unwanted items and make money in the process. As an added benefit, you can also de-clutter your home!

The value and condition of the items you’re selling greatly impacts the money you can expect to make. For collectibles and unique items, you could easily score a few hundred dollars.

4. Become a Freelancer

One of the best things to come as a result of the internet is freelance jobs. As a freelancer, you can put your skills to work and earn money by doing so. The great thing about freelancing is that you can make it a job you do once or twice a week, or you can turn it into a part-time gig.

Online you’ll find all sorts of freelance opportunities. Companies are always looking for content writers, virtual assistants, and even proofreaders. You’ll also find freelance gigs for translation, transcribing, and other services.

Depending on how much experience you have and the company’s budget, you can easily make hundreds of dollars a month. Of course, this also depends on how much time you dedicate to freelance work.

With freelancing you choose your own hours and can work from wherever. Your couch, a local café, or your beachfront condo are all places you can make extra money. Find freelance jobs on Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru.


One of the best parts about the internet is the ability to make quick and easy money. Using these 4 methods, you can easily make an extra hundreds of dollars each month that you can use towards everyday expenses. The more time you dedicate, the more you’ll earn!

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