Social media is truly one of our modern world’s phenomena. People with social accounts can keep in touch with friends and family in the comfort of their homes, using an Internet connection and smartphone or computer. Others use social media platforms to be entertained, following funny or informative accounts so they can take pleasure from learning. Businesses also use Twitter accounts, in particular, to keep in touch with interested consumers, providing solid customer service for them.

Regardless of what your company’s size, mission, product type, and industry are, marketing products on Twitter can prove advantageous. After all, the average Twitter user follows five businesses — can you say free advertising? Without further ado, here are the five best practices for marketing products on Twitter.

Create Quality, Original Content

There are countless pages on Twitter with thousands, if not millions, of followers that do nothing but repost unoriginal content. It’s not recommended to do this, as followers will find that your business lacks originality and may be at peace with copying others. As such, create your own page’s content, even if you have to hire a social media strategist or graphic designer. Adam Grant and Lifehacker are masters at this.

Engage With Followers

Whether they’re established, paying customers or not, you should always communicate with those who message, tweet, or otherwise interact with your company’s Twitter page. This builds brand loyalty, and is effective at doing so.

Refrain From Directly Advertising Products

People log on to Twitter either to keep in touch with others, find entertainment, be educated, or get informed. Twitter users don’t make accounts to follow nothing but business profiles, and find pleasure in marketing content, promotional material, and advertisements. As such, it’s advisable not to full-out market products. Add a funny twist to posts, videos, or pictures you post about your products. This will keep followers entertained and engaged, and can increase the chances of content going viral.

Use SEO Keywords in Tweets

Twitter pages generally show up high on search results. As such, use SEO-friendly terms in your tweets, replies, and profile information for maximum exposure.

Contract Twitter Influencers to Promote Products and Brand Image

There are plenty of Twitter profiles of established, well-known celebrities and “Instagram models,” generating their infamy from posting seductive, behind-the-scenes, or otherwise entertaining or interesting pictures and videos. The latter group often promote products by featuring pictures with the products on their Twitter pages, like Kyani or Wendy’s. This advertising is affordable and creates strong bonds with their followers. Get help from a popular influencer for your products.

Social media has opened many doors in marketing and advertising. Millions of people use Twitter in the United States alone, with more than three billion Internet users populating the world. As such, it’s silly not to take advantage of social media marketing through Twitter.