While summertime is still a few months away, it’s prudent for students to start looking into some summer jobs that can pad their pockets with extra cash. Sales work is one field that can offer students some money while also helping instill and hone specific skills and traits. Here are five ways that a summer sales job can benefit students and aspiring entrepreneurs:

Extra Cash

In the United States, retail sales associates can expect to make an average of $10.16 per hour. The rate for seasonal workers may differ from full-time employees. Try to negotiate a slightly higher price, primarily if you are working for a company that’s busiest during the summertime. Summer sales jobs are seasonal, so companies are open to the idea of paying a higher hourly rate since they aren’t paying for any benefits and retirement plans.

Exposure to a Real Work Environment

While a college education empowers you with the theoretical foundation and fundamental skills to function proficiently in the field, at least to some extent, it often doesn’t prepare you for what the real work environment entails. You can experience firsthand what it’s like to work with other people, how to manage your time and attention to work on multiple tasks, and so forth.

Build Your Resume

A lot of students make the mistake of waiting until their graduation or senior year to craft the right resume. Start building your resume now by working part-time and interning for retail companies. Being able to put something on your resume even as a fresh college graduate can bode well for your interviews. It shows employers that you are indeed driven and passionate about your profession.

Learn Industry Secrets

Working in sales means you are expected to know everything about a specific product or service. If you are interested in home security, for instance, working in home security branches and selling security systems is an excellent way to get your foot in the door.

Strengthen Your Communication Skills

Sales jobs revolve around communicating with people. On a daily basis, you interact with coworkers, managers, suppliers, and customers. As a sales associate, you’ll be helping people find the products they are looking for, return stuff that is damaged, process transactions, etc.

Summer is a fascinating time to party and relax. But for the success-driven entrepreneur, it’s an opportunity to improve your leadership and communication skills as well as to expand your professional network.


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