Anytime you leave your home; you leave it vulnerable to some different attacks and calamities. From fires, floods and other disasters to home burglary or even vandalism. There are some ways you can protect your home when you are away, however. Here are five ways to keep your home protected when you aren’t home.

Consider investing in a home security system

While there are some smart home appliances on the market today that help you do everything from cutting down on energy costs to remote monitoring your home, there is no substitute for a monitored home security system. While smart home systems will notify you via cell phone if anything is amiss, they are dependent on you being available and with adequate cell phone service. Monitored systems can protect you from fire, flood, robbery and even vandalism. Smoke detectors are the easiest way to add fire prevention to your home and live monitoring makes it one of the best means of protecting your home when you are away.

Automated lighting

A dark home is a prime target for burglars and thieves. Automated lighting will ensure that your home is well lit even when you are not home. Adequate security lighting is one of the best deterrents there is for ne’er-do-wells. Don’t forget to set a timer on an interior lamp or two as well to give the impression someone is home even when no one is.

House sitters

Having a neighbor water plants, feed pets or “keep an eye on things” while you are away is great, but there is no substitute for having a live human being in your home while you are away. While you may have lights on timers for when you are merely late getting home, leaving for several days or more is a different proposition. It’s always best to leave your house occupied at all times.

Arrange for mail and papers to be held

There is no surer sign of an empty residence than mail and newspapers that pile up when you are away from home. Make sure and have correspondence and papers held, so no one knows that you are away.

Stay in touch with neighbors that are home often

Your neighbors can be one of the very best security features for your home, mainly if they are home more often than you. You may not necessarily appreciate overly nosy neighbors. However, having an extra set of eyes watching over your property when you away never hurt either.

Keeping your home protected when you are away is a relatively simple proposition with a little forethought and preparation. Investing in some necessary security and home protection equipment and staying in touch with neighbors are some of the best things you can do to keep your home a safe, happy home.


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