Affiliate marketing allows you to generate income by sending qualified candidates to a broker. In fact, you can send customers to many different types of businesses including software companies and retailers. The process is relatively simple. You apply to be an affiliate with a specific network. After you have been approved, you set up a link on your site, which will track each customer you send to a vendor. If the client purchases a good or service, you get credit for that sale.

Who Should Consider Affiliate Marketing?

If you have a blog or website that has steady customer interaction, you are a perfect choice to participate in affiliate marketing. Say you provide trading signals, but have found that the number of individuals that pay for your service is limited. To create a second line of income, you can participate in affiliate marketing. Your first step is to find a broker that will provide you with steady income if the client you send to them sign up and make a deposit to trade.

As a trading signal provide, you would be the perfect complement to a trading brokerage group. In fact, your signal recommendation could be executed on the broker’s platform and if you gain enough of a following you don’t even need to charge for your service. Some brokers will pay as much as $600 for each client you bring to them who signs up and makes a deposit into a brokerage account. In addition, many brokers pay for sub-affiliates. This means if you bring another affiliate to their program you get a piece of their pie. Some affiliates even allow you to share in the trading profits made by the broker.

Not Just Your Blog

You can make money from your articles and posts, as well as, you can use an email list if you have developed one. If your site asks clients to provide an email address to attain access to the site, you can use this email list to help you with your affiliate marketing endeavors. Think about it, if you have an email list of 1,000 people who have come to your site over the course of a year or two, you can send them an email with a link to an affiliate site. Even if 5% of the emails respond, you could make a tidy sum.

Finding the Right Partner

Remember, your goal is to find an affiliate partner that you can work with that complements your business. If you are writing about a consumer product review, you should look for a retail vendor as a partner. If you are writing about trading or finance, a forex broker would be a prudent choice. It’s unlikely that a trading signal client would be interested in purchasing home appliances, so you need to be prudent in your choice of affiliate partners. Before you sign on the dotted line, perform some due diligence and research any potential affiliate partner.

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