Mobile technology is everywhere, including the workplace. However, much of the labor force never use mobile technology while they work. As a result, many employees never reach their full potential. If you’re an employee or an employer, you need to understand the following five ways mobile technology boosts workplace productivity.


Employees can use their mobile devices to keep tabs on their email inboxes while away from their desks. This means that team members can engage in meetings, errands and other activities without losing touch with their work. In other words, mobile technology can make employees more accessible than ever before.

Cloud Storage

Cloud-based file sharing makes business data available from practically everywhere. Never before has sharing information and collaboration been easier than it is now. Cloud storage means that employees can access the files that they need regardless of their location. Additionally, workers can mobile apps such as MS Office to boost their productivity while away from their desk.


Thanks to mobile technology in the workplace, employees can attend meetings without leaving their desk. As a matter of fact, they can continue their work using their desktop workstation while participating in virtual events on their mobile devices. Simply put, apps such as Skype, Google Hangout, and Goto Meeting allow workers to be in two places at once.

Remote Desktop

When you think about remote desktop apps, you probably think about working from home or on the road. However, this technology can also boost productivity in the workplace. Think about employees who are marooned in meetings or stuck in the boss’ office. They can access the information they need via their mobile device without having to run to their workstation to retrieve it.


Thanks to mobile technology, employees can work from anywhere. Consequently, sick employees can easily work from home. Also, vacationing team members can stay apprised of the status of their projects. Moreover, companies can choose to hire remote workers who can collaborate, communicate and produce using their mobile devices.

Data Entry

Sales reps, service technicians, and customer service agents can directly enter data from anywhere, regardless of whether they’re on or off-site. For this reason, companies can eliminate delays in data entry, improving the customer experience. In short, thanks to mobile technology, employee location no longer affects the processing time for orders and support issues.


Employees who use mobile technology in the workplace can use mobile technology to always stay in touch with the information they need. Generally speaking, this means that people always have the resources they need in the palm of their hand. Rather than running back to their desk to retrieve documents, workers can simply access them on demand via their mobile device.

In summary, mobile technology in the workplace can dramatically improve the productivity of teams and individual employees in the workplace. By keeping people connected via mobile communication tools making files available from anywhere and facilitating remote productivity, mobile technology offers important advantages that no business should ignore.

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