How To Be More Productive At Work

It’s one of the things each employer or entrepreneur is constantly thinking about. We strive to streamline so many processes and find a way to minimize wasting time and resources and it very often involves some significant investments. However, there are quite a few things that really depend on ourselves and no one else.

Tackle the most difficult tasks when you feel the most productive

Since we are all different in terms of character and habits, there simply can’t be a universal answer to the question “When should I deal with the most demanding tasks?”. Some people are morning persons and they are likely to grab the bull by the horn very first thing in the morning, but not everyone is like that. So, instead of insisting on doing a certain task at a particular time of the day, try to figure out when you feel most productive and schedule to do those tasks then.

How to Be More Productive at Work


While not so long ago the ability to multitask was revered, the current mood is somewhat different. Studies have shown that having to switch tasks constantly actually lowers your productivity significantly and can have a harmful effect on your brain. It turns out, after all, that the best way to work is to focus on one task at the time and give it your full attention before you decide to move on to something else. So, if you’ve been bragging about your multitasking ability, you may wish to stop doing that.

How to Be More Productive at Work

Be prepared and prioritize

There’s a good reason why so many people are making their to-do lists. They help us not forget what we have to do. By writing them down, it does not only enable us to organise our day, but also prioritize the tasks. It helps to have someone to go through the next day’s to-do list with. That way, we’ll start thinking about the way we’ll do those tasks right away and waste less time the next day.

Create pleasant atmosphere

You simply can’t work and be productive in a mess. That’s why it’s important to keep your workplace as tidy and organised as possible at all times. Another thing to think about is how to furnish your office. If you need to spend a lot of time sitting at the desk, you definitely have to invest in a top-quality ergonomic chair. Also, a nice and well-designed rug will help you and everyone who comes to the office feel much better.

How to Be More Productive at Work


In theory, we all know that it’s impossible for us to do all the work and that it has to be delegated. The problem, however, is how to do it. The most common mistake is to delegate a task to someone and then spend time supervising their work. That’s micromanagement, not delegation. Instead, you need to delegate a task to the person you’re sure can complete it without your help and supervision. Only then will you have enough time to focus on your own work. Most of us are control freaks to some extent and might find this challenge daunting, but like with other skills, delegation has to be practiced.

Eliminate distractions

Just like it’s dangerous to multitask if you want to be productive, the same can be said about having many distractions around you. They come in various shapes and sizes, but are all potentially dangerous. Social media, private emails, private conversations we can’t help overhearing and other distractions will definitely affect our focus and we have to find a way to deal with them.

How to Be More Productive at Work

Make regular breaks

You just can’t work all the time and expect to be concentrated and focused. You need your brain to function properly, and for that, you need to give it some rest every now and then. The best way to do that is to engage in some physical activity or change the environment during the break. If you can’t exercise, a simple stroll to a nearby park would be a good idea.

How to Be More Productive at Work

As you can see, these are all things that depend almost exclusively on you, your attitude and your decisions. The sooner you include them in your routine, the more productive you’ll become.