Since forever, we humans have been trying to get more, produce more, make and earn more. So, what is different now? How to get rich in 2018? Well, the principles remain the same, but the ways to do it are multiplying as we speak. And the best thing is – there are some ways to get rich with almost no investments and risks, and from the comfort of your home!

We are talking about affiliate marketing, of course.

If you haven’t heard of it so far, in short, it is a business model where you – don’t have any product or a service, but instead you are helping someone who does – sell it. In return, you get paid, and that amount can really be huge – since you are getting a commission (usually 10-15%, but can be even higher) on the sales made with your help. So, the more you sell the more you make, simple as that.

Let’s not forget to mention that you don’t have anything to do with the production, with storing, transport or shipment – this is all handled by the owner. So, stress-free and risk-free. The only thing you can choose to invest in are Ads, if you want to promote your blog on Facebook, Google, etc…

But how do you become an affiliate?

Well, you need traffic, and more importantly, you need leads. To get those, you first need a website, a blog in most cases. Let’s say you want to sell makeup products. Will then your blog be about hiking, outdoor activities etc? Of course not. So, your blog and its topics need to match the product you are trying to sell – that’s the only way you will be able to turn traffic into leads, and leads into sales.

Makeup products for a wide audience

So far, we’ve mentioned makeup products. Is that the only thing you can promote (and sell)? No. Every product has its buyer, right? Indeed, you can promote anything, from hiking equipment, clothes, watches, cars, to online courses and videos.

Become a gambling affiliate

One of the ways to get rich is also to create a gambling affiliate site. More specifically, you can become rich by posting online casino reviews. Now, this doesn’t sound promising at first, right?

Let’s think about that concept for a moment. More and more people are doing stuff online – paying bills, ordering food, buying stuff, etc… And yes, it is the same with gambling. In real life, you wouldn’t want to walk in a casino with a bad reputation, so this can definitely be applied to online casinos as well. You need someone, a middle man, a friend, who knows more about that casino or can point you to the one with a good reputation – the one where they treat you right, where all is legal, where you get the money you earn, and so on.

This is where AskGamblers comes in. They offer guidance into the world of online gambling, and they do that for free. How does that work?

Specialized rating system – CasinoRank, with its complex algorithm, updates the list of best (and worst) casinos on a monthly basis. They check basic facts, like Flash support, banking versatility and customer service quality, but also keep an eye on casinos with a history of fraudulent behavior. This will save you some time and definitely some money.

You can imagine the number of people that consult AskGamblers before choosing a casino. Even the users can post reviews on their site, and the site judges all the casinos equally and fairly, so a high level of trust has been developed between the – gamblers and AskGamblers. And it has been beneficial for both, gamblers get friendly guidance, AskGamblers gets leads.