London Lifehacks For The Busy

If you live in London, you’re almost certainly busy. Work is demanding, and you’re chasing from promotion and trying to keep fit so when you finish work (late) you’re hitting the gym and getting home to prepare a low GI supper with fresh ingredients that will support your muscle growth.

Or maybe your day job just pays the rent and your evenings and weekends are where you really live: hurrying out of the office, the café or the warehouse as soon the clock hits home time to reach your real passion, whether that’s your novel manuscript, your comedy troupe or your badminton coach.

Whether you’re chasing a traditional career or a dream, your life keeps you very busy. This can leave you without time to devote to the more mundane but necessary aspects of life, and indeed to relaxing.

Today we’ve got a few hints to help the systematically busy ease the load a little.

Storage for Moving House

Don’t let moving house weigh you down: it’s a stressful, upsetting process that can take your time and attention when you really need to devoting it elsewhere.

One of the main worries is not so much where to live. If you just have a suitcase, you can find sofas to sleep on and friends with spare rooms to keep a roof over your head until you’re ready to settle again. The most concerning thing is finding somewhere for all your possessions: DVDs, clothes, ornaments, games and anything else you’ve accumulated in the course of your life.

Finding some of the storage London has to offer relieves this burden of worry and means you know your items will be safely stowed until you can give them a permanent home once again.

Schedule Relaxation

If you’re always on call, and find it difficult to switch off and relax, you need to change your thinking a little.

To some, whether it’s because of how they were raised, or a desire not to be seen as a lazy at work, not working is psychologically difficult. However, this has knock on effects like burnout and exhaustion. It makes you a more productive worker to put in a less all consuming time table and instead find time to relax and do something else. Think of it as essential maintenance: your body and brain are complicated machines that need time for refuelling, cleaning and maintaining like a classic car. Schedule relaxation time, whether that’s in the gym, gardening or binging boxsets and treat that as just as important as any meeting or report, and your quality of life will soar!