From advertising to product images to the design of your website and to the emails you send, your customers’ shopping experience is almost always in your hands. These are generally elements chosen and taken care of by you. With shipping, however, the product actually passes into the hands of a stranger, and with it also your brand.

The shipment of goods can become a strong point or the weak link in the chain with the wrong partner, your customers will be dissatisfied with the whole service. Failure to plan a shipping strategy risks generating customer complaints and endangering your entire ecommerce business.

Many e-commerce entrepreneurs do not attach the right importance to the shipping of their products or, understandably, they do not know how to move best in the complex world of deliveries. With the cheap delivery to USA from UK you will be having the best deals now.

In this post, we will analyze some basic elements of shipping processes and order fulfillment, trying to shed light on this topic. We will talk about packaging, we will provide resources and links to the most important carriers, and we will take a look at tracking and insurance and this without forgetting the profit margins and suggestions on some apps to facilitate all the various operations.

Packaging & Marketing

The more the ecommerce universe evolves, the more the expectations of customers who buy online increase. Years ago, packaging and shipping were simply a way to get the item you bought online. Today, however, consumers consider packaging, presentation and shipping service an integral part of their shopping experience.

This means that, for many businesses, beyond the value of products, it becomes important to be able to astonish and win over their customers offering a real shopping experience above expectations, that is much more than just a delivery.

Examples of cured packaging

Attractive packaging and presentation can become an extremely effective way to get noticed. Let’s take a look at the example of Trunk Club, a service that every month sends a carefully selected selection of trendy clothes and accessories to the subscribers. As you can see from the package picture below, the packaging is highly cared for and becomes an essential part of the brand’s value and identity. In case of the International parcel delivery this is a very important matter.

Beginner’s Guide to Shipping and Delivery of Products

The packaging of Trunk Club is so exceptional that the same customers have got into the habit of posting videos on YouTube in which they resume the moment of unboxing. Thus online word of mouth turns into a valuable marketing resource for the brand.

In a world where most parcels come to us in anonymous standard production envelopes, accompanied by an anonymous sheet-receipt and printed in black and white, details like these can easily surprise and win over customers.

  • Today, some of the most successful brands are those that use packaging to deliver not only the product they purchased, but a unique shopping experience.
  • It is therefore important to think about how to offer a better customer experience to customers through packaging, and how to use it to turn it into an extension of your brand.