The financial markets and technology come together at a junction referred to as affiliate marketing. This activity allows you to earn revenue by sending trading candidates to a broker, who specializes in capital markets trading. The process is straight forward.  You simply apply to be an affiliate with a company like actively investing. After you have been approved as an affiliate with their program, they will send you a link that you can set up on your web site or facebook page. When a client clicks the link they are brought to your affiliates web site and there is a tracking program that tells your affiliate partner that you sent a client to their site. If your clients deposit money and make a trade, your affiliate partner will send you cash. Its as simple as that.

How to You Get Customers

Okay, that part of the affiliate process is simple. What is not as simple is finding customers that are interested in trading to click on a link and then deposit money at a broker. You cannot control whether a client deposits money or starts to trade. What you can control is sending qualified clients to a fintech website. This is somewhat of a numbers game. If you send 100 people to a site every month, you might get 5-10% to deposit money. This would be an excellent conversion ratio.

The question is how do you find clients that are interested in trading to click on a link to your fintech affiliate. You can make money if you are writing about interesting topics such as trading strategies, risk management, or even reviewing systematic trading systems. There are people who produce trading signals, that are even delivered directly to clients emails. There is no set formula that is set in stone that will work. The important thing is that you need to have interesting information to attract traders who might be interested in trading.

Who Should Consider Fintech Affiliate Marketing?

If you already have a blog or website that has steady traffic, you are a perfect candidate to participate in fintech affiliate marketing. If you have developed a website, blog, or even twitter account that provides daily information to a group of clients then you are the right candidate. To generate a second line of income, you can participate in fintech affiliate marketing.

Finding the Right Fintech Affiliate Partner

The key here is to find someone you trust and has a good reputation. You are looking for a partner that will completement your business.  Remember if you are not writing about the financial markets, its not worth your time to send clients to a forex broker as this would not be a prudent choice. It’s unlikely that a washing machine review reader would be interested in purchasing fintech products, so you need to be prudent in your choice of affiliate partners. Before you sign on the dotted line, perform some due diligence and research any potential affiliate partner.