Over the past three years, the devastating impact of cybercrime on the economy and security of business around the world may have become a major topic of discussion among the North American public, but there is no sign that cyber attacks will be any less of a threat in the current year. With prominent data breaches, hacks, and cyber attacks making headlines around the world with depressing regularity, many businesses are asking themselves how they can keep their data safe in an era of rising cyber threats.

PGP encryption has long been a popular option for business exploring ways to protect their communications. PGP encryption software cannot be cracked, and only the designated recipient’s device has the necessary key to unlock the encryption and access the information contained in the email. This guarantees that only the person for whom the message was meant can read it, and provides security against malware, spyware, and any other form of electronic surveillance.

However, there are drawbacks to standard PGP encryption. In order to be effective, PGP software needs to be implemented properly — which is why most companies who adopt it work with a professional PGP provider in order to set up PGP encrypted smartphones for their employees. PGP software is often designed with security, rather than functionality, in mind, and this means the many options currently on the market are awkward to use. For busy businesspeople who need to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently, it can be tempting to fall back on familiar but insecure forms of communication like online messaging or SMS.

This is what makes the newest encryption tool on the market — ChatMail Secure — so revolutionary. Designed to maximize security and ease-of-use, this encryption software brings together the latest advances in cryptography with a user interface that is intuitive, seamless, and easy to navigate. Building on the strengths of PGP encryption and Elliptical Curve Cryptography, ChatMail has created its ChatMail Advanced Messaging and Parsing Protocol (CAMP), which provides the best possible encryption while creating the visual experience of a chat conversation.

ChatMail is also the first encryption software on the market that allows users to communicate with devices that have multiple levels of encryption, which makes it ideal for business. With other devices equipped with ChatMail, users default to the highest levels of encryption offered by CAMP, but they can also communicate with external users whose devices are equipped with standard PGP encryption. This distinction between internal and external users allows for a wider range of internal communication options, including group chat, picture messaging, and voice messaging, while also allowing users to keep communications safe when talking to clients and partners who aren’t using CAMP technology.

A recent report from CSO notes that 2018 is already seeing the emergence of a new range of cybersecurity threats, and as workplaces become ever more interconnected — with an expanding number of devices, protocols, and machines connected via WiFi — the risk of abuse expands exponentially. Regardless of what kind of business a company does, protecting sensitive information is a vital part of any communications strategy, and with the newest encryption on the market, doing so has never been easier.

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