One of the fastest growing business centers with advanced facilities available to local and international companies. An integral part of the business world and leads to innovation. Stables politically and have a strong economic culture and the government offers a friendly business establishment that attracts investors from all over the world. This article will give you a guide on the preparation of the company. The legal structure of the company’s configuration, in accordance with the federal law, and after an amendment to the federal law. The Law of commercial enterprises, and its rule governing the functions of the foreign company. You can start another type of business depending on the type of business and location; The types are divided into three main categories, namely the continent, the free and offshore zones. When you start a business, you need a sponsor, any company needs sponsors or service agents. Local residents or companies headquartered in the city acting as sponsors, because the professional services that you need service agents as sponsors and establish your free zone business also requires the promoter, in which case the free Zones Act as your sponsor.

The termination of the company on the mainland requires that you have a valid license issued by the administrative authority. Economic development has issued four types of licenses, commercial, Professional, service branch and licensing industries.

To organize your business on the mainland with a commercial license, you are given laws to get help from local people who are also called the local sponsor. The local sponsor is sometimes used as a silent partner. Service agent who works on your behalf and helps you deal with the local administrative authority to start your business. Each Free zone has the authority of the Government or the authority of the Zona Franca. For the business setup, you have to deal with the free zone authorities. There are many different types of business installation options in the Free Zone, as you can start your business as a service provider or suppliers are limited, there are different licensing options. The completion of the activity in the Zona Franca allowed making international trade. Offshore is another type of business configuration has to offer and have been very popular. Waterfront jurisdiction offers a number of benefits for your business in terms of asset protection, tax optimization, and business development. The business configuration in the offshore jurisdiction must comply with offshore company rules and regulations and are not allowed to trade in an offshore jurisdiction.

There you can choose the license that allows certain business activities.

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