Instagram is one of the most widely popular social media platforms online today. In fact, it is an amazing source of visual content for your business website. This content may be from your account, or it may come from the Instagram profiles of other online users. You may add content from your site or the profiles of other users thanks to the presence of Instagram WordPress plugins available online.

Install WordPress Instagram Plugins easily for enhancing the appeal of your business website

WordPress Instagram plugins can be installed on your site easily. There are both free and premium plugins for you to use. These plugins help you to display photographs or visuals on your website to the targeted audience. The plugin helps you to import pictures from your own or another individual’s account. You may choose the number of images you wish to import. These pictures are inserted in your website and displayed on either the footer or the header of your site with the aid of a widget.

Free versus premium WordPress Instagram plugins

Premium WordPress Instagram plugins provide you with more filters. You may choose the kind of images you wish to display on your website along with options for set locations, specific hashtags, and pictures that have been liked by a particular segment of users.

The prices of premium WordPress Instagram plugins are affordable. You can get more options over free plugins for your content. Before you install and opt for Premium WordPress Instagram plugins, you may view live demos on them before choosing whether to opt for them or not. You will find plugins for all price ranges however if you do not wish to pay for a plugin, you can always opt for the free plugins for your website!

Top 3 Free Instagram WordPress Plugins for your website

The following are a list of the top 3 free Instagram WordPress plugins you may use for improving the appeal and appearance of your site-

  1. Instagram Feed- Instagram Feed is one of the most widely-sought after free Instagram WordPress plugins for your business website. The user ratings of this plugin are excellent, and there are over 4000 active installations by users. When you download this plugin on your WordPress website, you can begin displaying photographs from any public Instagram account. This plugin helps you to make multiple feeds for your site. Every feed displays photographs from several accounts. This plugin helps your business website to display a consistent stream of images from various sources. You will get likes, views, and shares when you use this plugin. If you are a new business and wish to increase likes, views, and followers, you have the option of buying them with the aid of professional websites like Gram Blast online. Once you get a decent number of views, likes and followersyou gain control over the display of photographs on your WordPress website. With this free Instagram WordPress plugin, you effectively can change the height and the width of the images as well as their number that you want to be displayed on the website. There is an additional button called optional. This key allows online visitors to load content from featured feeds as and when they wish to. Instagram Feed works on mobiles, and this means the content looks good on any mobile device as well. The plugin is updated on a regular basis, and so this makes it compatible with any device. When Instagram makes new changes, the plugin is automatically updated as well.
  2. WP Instagram Widget This is a simple to install and use WordPress Instagram plugin for your website. The plugin does not need any authentication for integration. Here, you just need to enter the basic details of your Instagram profile and choose the display location of the widget on your website. The biggest advantage of this plugin is that it does not affect the loading time of your site. The procedure is so simple and straightforward. In fact, WP Instagram Widget is ideal for those that are in search of a basic display option of the images on their website. It does not do much like Instagram Feed. However, it will not affect the loading time of your site, and this is why it is ideal for website owners that are looking for a simple and streamlined option. There are over 200,000 active installations, and the ratings of this plugin are good as well.
  3. Feed Them Social- Feed Them Social is not only popular on Instagram, but it is also compatible with Twitter and Facebook. If you are looking for one plugin to connect to social media platforms, Feed Them Social is the perfect one for you. It is a free plugin that allows you to get albums, groups, events, and feeds. There is a premium version of this plugin. If you wish to upgrade later for your business, the premium version allows you to display videos on Facebook and YouTube. This plugin is a very flexible tool for your website. You get the option to display content from a large number of social media accounts and profiles. The feeds that you choose can be displayed on your website pages, posts as well as sidebars of your business site. The plugin is a mobile responsive tool that works well on all devices. You have the option of viewing the demo of this plugin before you wish to choose it.

Instagram WordPress plugins help you to improve the visual appeal of your website. They are recommended for business owners to get the competitive edge in the market. If you take a look at sites today, you must attract the targeted audience with a unique blend of text and visual content. The display of the images should sync with the content to create positive impressions on the minds of the targeted audience. Opting for free Instagram WordPress plugins is the perfect way to reach out and connect with the audience and make the visual appeal of your website better!