During the scorching summer months, people tend to cater to their lazier side, finding themselves more inclined to casually sit on the patio of their favorite bar or restaurant, spending hours in the shade and continuously ordering drinks to their hearts’ content. Business ought to be booming for every respectable establishment, once the weather begins to heat up. With this desire for constant rest and relaxation, it’s not unlikely that patrons will begin lining up for the perfect shady spot on your patio. It’s quite clear, then, that your business ought to be prepared for the summer rushes that are about to ensue if they haven’t already. The best way to anticipate these rushes, as the following argues, is to keep your business tech-savvy and maintain a good hold on the latest point of sale (POS) devices and providers.

  1. The Faster The Device, The Less Stressful The Rush

It goes without saying that summer is the busiest time of year for restauranteurs; if those individuals in managerial positions wish to keep up with constant flows of hungry and thirsty customers, it’s best that they have devices ready-to-hand that can attend to the speeds necessary for the upkeep of customer service. Moreover, with a new wireless transaction terminal or even a state-of-the-art countertop POS system (with the option of adding Bluetooth devices), you’ll be ready for just about any onslaught of patrons.

For this kind of efficiency, one ought to look, then, to MALAQY GROUP and other companies that are exemplary in the world of merchant processing services; Malay, in specific, is known for offering state-of-the-art debit and credit card terminals (amongst other items), as well as top-tier customer service. They only distribute wireless and/or wired payment processing terminals that are equipped with intuitive interfaces and sleek designs overall, making functionality a breeze for employees who are unfamiliar with this kind of tech. Not only that, the company – unlike other merchant service providers –offers reasonable rates and a great deal of transparency in fees. Knowing you’re protected by a merchant service processor might just be the perfect way for restauranteurs to unwind during the busy summer months.

  1. Versatility Is Key

Older technologies are notorious for overheating in warmer weather, even if they remain stationary at a counter and are unable to be brought outside. The most integral aspect of newer devices is their ability to endure a degree of wear-and-tear that won’t compromise their functionality, even in the harshest of summery conditions. But it’s not only the hardware that you ought to be concerned about; overheating can certainly cause glitches, but older devices that have not been frequently updated or maintained are prone to errors simply by virtue of internal hiccups – whether or not you keep an older terminal out of harm’s way is no matter to the buildup of outdated software upon which the device is running. Beyond basic, downloadable updates, one ought to just get a new device entirely, lest you lose a customer because of a seemingly arbitrary error message.

Finally, while you should already have wireless and/or Bluetooth options available for your staff to use, if this isn’t the case already, this is a situation that requires immediate attention. Without wireless debit or credit terminals, you’re essentially asking customers to break their relaxing mindset and walk inside to your crowded tabletop POS system. To optimize the experience and comfort of customers, this ought to be avoided at all costs.

Once again, the proper hardware and software that you need to authentically prepare for patio season can only be sourced from a responsible company, one that should be able to give you the option integrating your current devices into theirs, including everything from centralized Wifi, all the way to receipt printers.

As a restaurant, demonstrating aloofness or unpreparedness in matters of payment transactions during peak periods is, in a sense, unacceptable. That’s why you’ve got to act fast, so both you and your clientele can comfortably soak up some sun.