What Sorts Of Jobs Should Implement Personality Testing?

A wide variety of positions across many industries require their employees to have a developed set of soft skills before they can find success in their careers. These include a strong motivational style, sense of urgency, assertiveness, empathy, emotional resilience, and stamina. Unlike someone’s educational background or level of knowledge – these aspects (or lack thereof) rarely present themselves on a resume or even in a series of comprehensive interviews. Typically, employers are expected to intuit these qualities in a person, but this puts a burden on hiring committees and poses risk to the company. Thankfully, many sectors can utilize personality tests to make their process more transparent.  

Sales Positions

Sales, while an incredibly competitive industry, suffers some of the highest employee turnover rates across the board. This is because many aspiring salespeople will play up the persona they think employers want to see prior to hiring; on the job, however, they display very different behavior and work ethic. For those hiring in this sector, a sales-specific personality test from providers like SalesTestOnline will help bring candidates with strong interpersonal skills to the forefront of the pack – comparing them to a target profile created for the position they’re applying for.

Customer Service

There are few jobs that require as much stamina, understanding, and emotional maturity as a customer service position; these employees are constantly dealing with frustrated or concerned clients. Thankfully sales personality tests can measure how a prospective customer service representative is likely to fare long term by measuring the above qualities at the get-go. This not only stops hiring mistakes in their tracks but saves businesses time and energy as they’ll no longer have to filter through hundreds of resumes – just the ones belonging to candidates who’ve obtained the highest scores.

Management And Leadership

Anyone managing a team, whether it’s for a start-up or large-scale enterprise, must be able to communicate clearly with those working under them, liaise with other departments, and ensure projects stay on track. They must, therefore, be highly motivated and assertive; a passive boss may not have adequate security in themselves to steer the ship and meet deadlines, while an overly aggressive one can hurt company culture and morale. Guarantee the person you’re hiring is the right fit; customize your personality test results by having your current leaders take a mock evaluation, then see that the applicants you interview score within the same ballpark.

Those hiring for jobs that require employees to be personable and interact with customers on the regular should be giving less attention to credentials on a resume. Rather, they should focus on a person’s likability, whether they’re able to maintain a company’s image, and take others under their wing. It’s important to remember that practical skills can be taught, repeated, and mastered but with soft skills, a person either has them or they don’t. For the future of your business to be secure, you require strong employees that have both the know-how and the right persona for a job.