In our increasingly interconnected world, working on the go has become more common than ever. If you are going to be working on the go all or even some of the time, you will need the right tools. Here are five tools that are musts if you need to be working while on the go.


Smartphones provide a number of important and even necessary functions when working on the go. First and foremost, they allow you to easily take direct calls. But other features, such as being able to access cloud software, bank accounts, maps and other important apps easily and from anywhere are what make smartphones really necessary when out of the office in the modern world.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is an essential tool when working on the go in the modern age. These systems store your files in the digital cloud so they can be accessed and collaborated on from anywhere and on any device. Google Drive, Dropbox and Box are some of the most popular options for business use.

Tablets And Laptops

A standard piece of equipment but important nonetheless, tablets and laptops allow you to take work on the go with a bigger screen than a smartphone can provide. Consider compatibility with the software your business primarily uses when choosing what brand of laptop or tablet to buy, and make sure all necessary software gets installed on it. You can buy keyboards to make typing easier on tablets.

Video Conferencing Software

When you need to communicate with the central office, e-mail doesn’t always cut it. Video conferencing software is necessary to have when you need to report in for a meeting but are physically somewhere else. Skype is the most well-known and popular program, while others, such as, offer specialized features like screen-sharing.

Pen And Paper

While not exactly high-tech, having traditional pen and paper on hand offers numerous advantages. In some cases, it might be easier to just take out a pen and paper to write some notes down rather than having to power on a device. It’s not as problematic if you lose a pad of paper as compared to a laptop, and paper can be better for brainstorming ideas and making drawings than smartphones or tablets.

Portable devices and digital communications have made working on the go both possible and easier than ever before. All you need are the right tools. Be sure to keep your equipment safe, especially expensive electronics, with access codes and other security features activated at all times. You’ll be a master of remote work in no time.


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