The online casino industry is massive and very lucrative and there are several reasons why players are continuing to coming back for more. ‘Games are always new and with top design, there are huge prizes that can be won by anyone and immersive bonus features’ said John Pentin from a leading UK Online Casino comparison site. ‘There is however another reason why the online casino industry is going at fast pace and it is the technology that has helped some casinos to become some of the most forward-thinking online business in existence.’

This is particularly evident if we compare some of the first ever online casino games with the ones we have now. You will notice that they have changed massively and are now so attractive that are enjoyed by a huge number of people around the world. Since there are lots of brands that are competing for new players the industry is continuously reshaping and is pushing the technology to deliver always a better gaming experience. Below are some examples of how technology has contributed to making the online casino industry so successful in the last decade.

Mobile Friendly Casino Gaming Experience

Mobile users are now 4.68 billion and surely online casinos have moved fast and made all their products mobile friendly to make the most of this huge trend. The vast majority of online operators now have all their casino games fully compatible so that players can enjoy a superior experience anywhere they are.

Nowadays when opening an account with an online casino you have the opportunity to play with the same login both from mobile apps and mobile browsers: so if you are not a fan of downloading apps, you can still enjoy a fantastic gaming experience. Since it is not easy for an online casino brand to stand out from the competition, they are usually offering free spins and introductory bonus offers to encourage new players to try their mobile site or app. Offering incentives together with a better qualitative product has helped the industry to reach an always wider audience.

Future Proof Technology

Online casinos are always at the forefront of technology and they are early adopters. This can also be seen with Virtual Reality. Despite this being one of the latest forms of technology, online casinos have already adopted and used to their advantage. VR is regarded as the next big thing when it comes to online casinos technology: it can make feel players like they are already there and also attract more traditional people that still prefer the physical presence to the virtual gaming.

Virtual reality is adding an entirely new social element as you can literally play and chat with other people around the world as if you were all in the same room. With VR players are getting the benefits of playing at an online casino without losing the social interaction typical of traditional land-based casinos.

Great Security and Game Design

Online casinos operators understood very early on that to attract a big number of players they had to be reliable, secure and trustworthy. For this reason, they have invested heavily to ensure their software are as fair and random as they can possibly be and also that players financial and personal data will always be protected.

In addition to security online casinos have been working with the best software developers company to ensure their games have the best possible game design. As you can see many modern video slots, for example, have high-quality animations and realistic graphics and audio and in fact, resemble a lot more at modern games than traditional slot machines.


Online casinos have used the most advanced technology not only to drive the industry forward but also to stand out in what is a very competitive sector. They have invested heavily to create a great experience for players while ensuring that customers are always protected and secure. Although online casinos have started with desktop they have rapidly expanded on mobile and they are now looking more and more at VR as the next step. As technology continues to improve it will be exciting to see how the online casino industry will respond and who will be the winner and losers in the near future. What is almost sure is that technology and gambling operators will continue to work very closely to ensure they can always reach new audiences and continue the upward trend we have seen in the last decade or so.

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