Whether you’re running a business, or down in the lower levels gunning for promotion, you need to be able to produce results. Those who rise to the top are the ones who are making an effort every day to hit and exceed targets, while the ones who never do are content to drift through days, doing, at a stretch, what is expected of them and no more. Similarly, the businesses that are successful and las the distance are those lead by CEOs who are continually looking for results, rather complacently believing that tomorrow will be as successful as today without any effort.

Today, we’re taking a look at ways to turn your targets into results, whether it’s on an individual level or across a whole business.


If you’ve got something vital to do, whether it’s a personal goal, or something you need your whole business to focus on, it’s worth taking a day to focus entirely on that. Multitasking is, experts have revealed, something of myth: switching between tasks takes times and attention, and people require time after changing to a new job to reach optimal speed. If there’s something you need to achieve, take a whole day, and work solely on that project. Even if you don’t complete it, you’ll achieve significant progress and make the remainder easier to finish.

If you’re running a business this gives people the license to ditch time consuming, but low value tasks, to focus on what is really important: completing a report, stock take, or writing for a big project. If you want to magnify the results, get people out of their usual environment. If you’re looking for day rooms, London has plenty to offer to you can hire the space you need for your most important staff to work on important jobs in comfort and uninterrupted.

Quantifying Results

In many jobs, especially senior roles, you’ll have a lot of competition for your attention. You need to be able to judge what is the most valuable thing for you to be working on at any given moment, so what you need to do is quantify each different task. Think about how long they take to complete, and the value they return to the business. This gives the confidence to say you’ll have to defer a task from an intrusive colleague, because you’ll know that what you have to give your time to right now could bring in tends of thousands of pounds of revenue, making it a far more valuable use of your time.