How Direct Sellers Can Better Utilize Marketing Technology

Opportunities for marketing have drastically changed in the past few years due to the emergence of the internet and advancement in technology. Not only is native marketing taking over traditional advertising, but direct selling and network selling is taking over traditional salesforces (consider the rise of brands such as doTERRA or Cutco). If you are involved in direct selling of any kind, don’t think that you can’t utilize the power of online marketing too. By using a personalized marketing strategy on your own website and tapping into the power of social media sites, you can increase brand awareness and produce more leads or sales.

Use a Professional Website Design

How Direct Sellers Can Better Utilize Marketing Technology

While the internet is a great place for marketing, you don’t want to just use a cookie-cutter template to market your business and products. You must distinguish yourself from the thousands of other people in your industry. All too often, direct sellers will just use the marketing tools that are provided by their parent company. It’s much better to utilize a professional website design and build your own brand. By adding that extra amount of flair and personality to your marketing, it sets you apart from all the other sellers in your niche. You can become an authority figure who people respect when you have a site that’s been created with a professional website design.

Social Media Pages Work

How Direct Sellers Can Better Utilize Marketing Technology

Social media sites are one of the most popular destinations on the web. By starting a Facebook Page that profiles your brand, you have a chance to connect with other individuals who may be interested in your business or the products that you sell. You can send your social media Page visitors directly to your website so that they can learn more about your brand and what you have to offer. By having a professional website design on your site that uses the same colors used on your promotional page, it helps strengthen your brand awareness. People love to share videos and images with their friends. If you create value and post it on your Page, it’s likely to be shared.

Success With Tweets

By utilizing Twitter, you can quickly inform followers about contests, events or discounts. It’s also an excellent platform for network marketers, which is all about gaining more people. Market your events and use the chat session feature to start a discussion with anyone who is curious about your business. Use the Search bar, to look for other people who are tweeting about your company and products. When you discover a positive comment, use that as a testimonial and add it to your Favorites list.