Having more money and less body weight are two things that many people want. Unfortunately, our effort to get slimmer may force us to spend more money. Losing weight is not only physical and psychological commitments, but also a financial one. We need to eat healthily and in some areas, healthy, low-calories food is more expensive. We also need to work out more, it means that we may need to invest on gym membership or at least a pair of good running shoes. We should be clear with what we need to do to achieve lower weight. It is important that we maintain both proper health and financial outlook for ourselves. One positive thing about losing weight is that we don’t have to eat too much and we can purchase low-cost, healthy produce instead.

The weight loss program can be more affordable if we don’t have to undergo it for too long. We should monitor our progress and anything that’s measured will certainly improve. We should separate goals from mere daydreams. It means that we need to write down our goals and try to track things more easily. There’s no way that we will be able to achieve our goals if we simply sleepwalk through the whole steps. In fact, our ignorance is often the reason why we get overweight in the first place. They aren’t paying attention to their current physical condition. People who measure their body weight almost daily will have a better chance of keeping their shape at proper level. The tracking behaviour can also be applied to our financial conditions.

Tracking is an activity that requires constant conscious awareness and it should be able to provide us with positive results if we really mean it. We need to measure the progress and determine the right amount of budget that we should get. By being constantly mindful of our progress, it will be much easier for us to achieve success. Good habit will ensure a much better life. Good habit will also compound into a much better lifestyle. Just like top Olympic athletes, we won’t reach our fitness and physical goals without measuring and tracking. We don’t have to become top performing athletes, but we could use some of the techniques that they employ. By getting fully organized, we will be able to save money to achieve our weight loss goals.

It is also important to keep a reliable money log. For each weight loss goal, we should assign a specific amount of budget. This should allow us to become aware of how much we are spending for something. We should also become aware of the choices that we make regarding to what we buy. A big amount of frivolous spending is often related to excess amount of food. It means that by attempting to lose weight, we will also be able to save some money. At the end of the month, we should be able to keep a proper budget and we can become more responsible with what we are spending.