Supermarkets offer us so many things and we actually don’t need many of them. We should consider removing them from our shopping list. Magazines have questionable benefits these days, in fact, websites could provide us with much more free information. Some supermarkets still offer antiquated digital items, like audio CD. In many cases, we don’t need to listen to the whole album and we could purchase a song online with lower costs. Bottled water is unnecessary thing that we can buy, especially if we can use tap water from home. Hand wash is not really a useful product to buy and we can use good old fashioned soap instead. Quilted toilet paper isn’t necessary and “own brand” product should do the job. Candles should be bought only when there are regular blackouts in our area and since the era of Edison vs. Tesla feud; they no longer serve a valid purpose inside our home.

Organic produce may not be entirely necessary for our daily consumption. As an alternative, we may plant our own veggies in our own backyard. We need to cut down on the cheese and pasta purchases, while going for homemade dish. We should avoid buying certain brand of beverages, such canned coffee. It is better to choose affordable pack of coffee powder. We can make the coffee at home and if necessary, we can bring it in a thermos. What we drink frequently will become our habit. What we drink a lot essentially becomes what we crave. If we drink a lot of coke or wine, we will eventually crave them. It is important to take things forward and try not to get used to a single type of beverage. It is better if we drink only plain water, as well as occasional, healthy beverages, such as tea. Alcohol isn’t essential and there’s nothing about being tee-totaller. Sliced bread is often cheaper than the uncut type and both taste the same. We should check both variants and choose the cheaper, depending on the brand and supermarket.

There’s also no reason for us to purchase nail polish and unnecessary cosmetic product should take a back set during a financial crisis. There’s nothing wrong with having natural looking nails. In general, less is more or in this case, we will have more money to spend on good things. We shouldn’t also buy fake tan product and in some cases, we will only get unnatural brown looking skin. Multi vitamins may also not be needed if we already have nutritious meal at home. Fabric conditioner is also not an essential product. Our recently washed clothing may be a little stiff, but we could iron it out to get the same smooth texture. Teeth whitening toothpaste is also often not needed and we may use soda bicarbonate instead. There are always homemade alternatives for those relatively expensive items and they are often within easy reach. They are cheap and won’t affect our bottom line so much.