Survey Sites That Pay Cash Only!

So, you have figured out surveys are a good way to make money online. You are correct! Surveys do pay a decent amount of money; however, they are not going to replace your day job. A lot of scam sites are also making their way on the internet and you can lose your precious time over there. In short, finding good surveys that pay cash are hard!

Given the above statement, it is also true that out there are certain sites which are genuinely in the business. They help big companies with their products and reward the members. While the reward could be anything; a free product, cash, gift voucher; some of us are looking for cash rewards only. The number of such sites is low, but they do exist!

Without further wasting your time, here’s a quick list of legitimate survey sites that pay for cash!

Survey Club

One of the highest paying survey sites where you can make $50 per survey!

The amazing thing about this survey site is that they don’t have a minimum threshold and you can easily earn a good amount of money per survey. They also pay you in cash via PayPal and you can earn every single time you take a survey!

If you read reviews about the site on the web, you’ll know that most people who’ve been a member for a long time, have earned decent money via this site. If you are in search of surveys that pay cash only, this is a site which should be your priority.


They have a minimum threshold of $5 which shouldn’t be a hurdle as some of their surveys pay as high as $50!

MyPoints is a site which pays you cash via PayPal, not only that, sometimes you can receive free products too!

Apart from surveys, they also offer to pay you for a number of other activities like online shopping using their coupons, watching videos, playing games etc. The best part is their fast payment service which lets you enjoy easy money in no time


With a minimum threshold of $10, most people here make money in no time. Their per survey rewards are huge that reach almost 2000 reward points, and they are easily convertible to cash!

The site is hugely popular among the audience which has been in a survey business for long and ever since its inception in 2014, they have already paid roughly $32 million.

Pinecone Research

Let us introduce you to ‘The’ site of online surveying business. Backed by US-based marketing giants Nielsen, Pinecone research is known for its superb payouts.

But there’s a catch!

You need to be ‘qualified’ in order to take a survey for this site. If you are one of the lucky ones whose application gets accepted, you are in for a very decent amount of money in no time. They also have a small threshold of $3 only.

Opinion Outpost

If you have been googling about survey sites for some time, we bet that you have come across the name of this site more than once!

Popular as one of the most reliable survey sites that pay in cash, Opinion Outpost has potential to give you a side income of more than $100 a month easily! Their minimum threshold is also as low as $3 and you can easily go past that with only a few surveys.

So here you go, a number of sites that are capable of generating good passive income while you are watching your TV! Visit their sites and sign up for exciting offers and rewards.