According to the CEO of Wilkins Finance, choosing an online broker is crucial if you want to stay on top of the trading trends. With so many online brokers out there to choose from, you might get side-tracked by brokers that do not have your best interests in mind. So, how do you choose the correct online broker to suit your individual needs?

Broker security

When choosing an online broker, you need to ensure that the broker will be able to give you high levels of security when it comes to handling your money.  If you go to a specific broker, make sure they have the correct certifications to show their legitimacy. There are many organisations across the world that dedicates their time to ensuring brokerage companies adhere to all rules and regulations stipulated for security.

Brokerage costs

With every trade you make, you need to pay for the spread used or a percentage of commission. Each brokerage has transaction costs linked to the way they operate. You need to find a legit brokerage with low transaction costs that still give you the most reliable service. Finding the balance between cheap costs and a reliable broker can become difficult if you don’t do your homework.

Broker deposits and withdrawals

The only reason you should work with a broker when trading online is that they keep your money safe while you make trades. When wanting to deposit or withdraw money from your brokerage account, there should be no hiccups. It is the job of your broker to make deposits and withdrawals as easy and hassle-free as possible. If, however, there are issues when wanting to get access to your money, you need to consider changing your brokerage firm.

Broker trading platforms

If you settle with a broker, you need to have a look at their trading platform. When checking the platform, ask yourself the following questions: Is the platform user-friendly? What tools do they offer online traders and are these tools easy to use? Do they provide you with useful information about the trading world? Will you be able to trade on this platform without any technical issues and should an issue arise; are you able to contact a technician to assist you?

Broker selling price

When making a trade, speed is very important. Your broker needs to ensure that when you make a trade, the proses are flawless and speedy. If you, for example, make a trade when the market is at a specific point, your trade price needs to be exactly that or within a few micro pips of that in order for a successful trade. Thus, timing is everything and delays will cause you to potentially lose on that specific trade.

Broker customer service

You need to choose a broker you are comfortable with. As you will be communicating quite a lot with that specific broker about matters concerning your trades and your money, you need to feel at ease about discussing your personal finances. If you can’t trust your broker, you definitely shouldn’t invest your money there! You also need to ensure that all aspects of the brokerage service are right at your fingertips. There is no use in having an excellent technical support customer service but the after sales service professionals can’t assist you with any queries. 

Brokerage location

Another tip for choosing the best broker is having a look at the location of their office or head office. If it is in an alley somewhere you wouldn’t really want to go, the red lights need to start flashing. A professional brokerage firm will have a suitable office where operations are run. They will have an address you can contact them at and contact details should you need to reach their offices. Keep in mind that it need not be an entire office complex, just a reputable place where you feel comfortable going if you have an appointment with your broker.

Choosing an online broker isn’t rocket-science but with the above-mentioned tips, you can rest assured that your money is in safe hands and you can start trading with the perfect brokerage company having your back.